Being on the field for some many years, we have noticed a trend in what services are the most common and what questions people have the most about them. Installing ceiling fans is a very popular service. Most people do it right away when they purchase a new home, or later when summer comes in and it starts to be hot. Some people decide on installing fans even if they have an A/C, to save on electricity.

When people call us to install a ceiling fan, they often think that the cost would be a standard price, as if the installation process would be the exact same for any house. That is incorrect, the cost can vary greatly.


How much does it cost to hire an electrician to put up a ceiling fan?

You would think the price would be a standard quote. However, there are many factors that can make it become more expensive. If you already have a fan and are replacing it with a new one, chances are that the electrical box is adequate for it and the cost is really just the cost of the fan plus labor which is the standard cost that the electrician will charge. Our electrician company currently charges the standard $175.

The instances that make the cost increase from that are below

There is no current wiring 

If you want to add a ceiling fan in a location and there is no current wiring, that means the electrician will need to pull up the wire and add an electrical box to mount the fan to. The further away the wire needs to be run, the more expensive it will get. There have been instances where the cost of over $1,000 since the distance was far and the electrician needed to run more wire.

Current electrical box is not adequate

Let’s say there is an existing fixture in the desired spot, but the electrical box is not adequate. An electrical box is where the wires are, in another words, “sticking up” for you to mount the fixture/fan. A standard box has a weight capacity of a maximum of 10 lbs. That is enough for a regular light fixture. A big and heavier chandelier may not be able to be mounted there for example. A ceiling fan is also likely to be heavier than 10 lbs, especially if the blades are long. Remember your physics, the long lever of the arm plus spinning around will cause more force/torque to the anchor part (the electrical box). We see that being a problem mostly in older houses, where the chances of a fan breaking and falling are higher. We have seen instances of that happening when people install it themselves (not knowing about the details above regarding the electrical box weight) or when they hire a handyman for the job who may not be aware of that either.

If you need a new electrical box, how does that work?

To replace the electrical box we have to consider another factor – do you have an attic? That will help the electrician have access to the ceiling of the room you intend to put the ceiling fan on. The electrician can then access it from the top, cut and replace the box. The box will need to be strapped into the studs on the ceiling to carry the weight properly. Then he will install the ceiling fan normally from below.



The cost to install a ceiling fan can vary significantly depending on many factors. It will be cheaper if you have the correct electrical box strapped into the studs. It will be more expensive if you don’t, and even more, if there is no wiring at the location you intend to install it. Rule of thumb, everything is figurable for an electrician, and we will work with you to ensure that you get what you want for the lowest cost possible.