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Pro Electrician Pasadena, a division of Hillside General Construction & Electrical, has been serving the local community of Pasadena CA for many years with great customer satisfaction. As our brand name indicates, our Pasadena electricians are highly skilled and experienced. We are skilled at residential and commercial electrical services.

We are able to provide quality electrical work at affordable prices for California, without cutting corners. Here are some of our most popular services:

Our leader electrician in Pasadena CA started the company after working in so many residential and commercial projects around California acquiring all the experience needed to start his own local electric company in Pasadena, his hometown. Since then, the team has grown with continued training and reinforced standards. One of our values it to educate our clients. Unlike other Pasadena electrician, we spend the extra time to educate our clients about the problem, the consequences, and the solutions.

Pro Electrician Pasadena always recommends a service as if you were family. Hence, if we feel that what needs to be done surpasses our abilities, we have no problem to refer to someone else in that realm. Call (626) 240-1986.

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Our Services

This picture shows electrical repair in Pasadena

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Figuring out the root of the problem and what needs to be done is one of our talents. We will prioritize the electrical repairs to maintain your electrical system safe and lasting.

This image shows ceiling fan installation in Pasadena

Ceiling Fans and Exhaust Fans

Cooldown your home and save on electricity with the most cost-effective ceiling fans on the market. The same goes for quality and durable exhaust fans for your bathroom.

This picture shows a light installation in Pasadena

Light Fixture Installation

Most kitchen and home remodel involve track lights, recessed lights, under-cabinet and vanity lights. Of course, we also do the regular chandelier and surface mounted fixtures and dimmers.

This image show outdoor lighting installation in Pasadena

Outdoor Lighting

If you are fortunate to have a beautiful outdoor garden space it may be time to add value and beauty to it with some efficient outdoor lighting.

This picture shows wiring in Pasadena

Circuits, Remodel, and Wiring

Wiring for outlets, design and build out a new electrical circuit for new constructions or home additions. We even do complete house wiring. Wiring is the absolute heart of our profession!

This picture shows a home surge protection in Pasadena

Electrical Surge Protection

Are your current appliances and data stored in them basically irreplaceable (computer, hard drive, or phone)? If so, you may want to look into a whole system surge protection for your home or business.

This image shows a panel upgrade in Pasadena

Electrical Panel Upgrade

There are different reasons why people do a electrical panel upgrade. Age, safety, capacity, and opportunity for more circuits. For example, installation of a new circuit to accommodate new appliances or air conditioning equipment.

This picture shows subpanel installation

Electrical Sub Panel Installation

Adding a sub panel installation can be very helpful to better organize circuits further away from the main service panel. The most common examples are garages, upstairs, and room additions.

This picture shows a commercial electrician in Pasadena

Commercial Services

Commercial electric repairs, maintenance, installations, and wiring for your business. We have done many commercial projects including code updates, special lighting (such as lighting control installations), and wiring.

This picture shows a battery which represents an EV charger installation in Pasadena homes

EV Chargers

You see electrical cars everywhere in Pasadena currently. If you have one you probably are considering having your own home charging station to save your time and money. Our team is well trained in electric vehicle charger installation. Level 1,2, and 3.

This picture shows wiring for pools

Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub Wiring

Jacuzzi and hot tubs require a different level of wiring due to the proximity to water. Our Pasadena Electrician and his crew are well experienced in this type of wiring and code compliance.

Why Choose Our Pasadena Electrical Contractors?

About Us

We are top-rated Pasadena electrical contractors thanks to our local community trusting us to do what we do best. As we grow, we maintain and reinforce our standards, work ethic, and values:

✔ Licensed and insured electricians
✔ Highly skilled and experienced
✔ Reliable and friendly services
✔ Honesty and workmanship
✔ Transparent prices
✔ Affordable cost


Do You Have a Federal Electrical Pacific Panel?

These panels are defective and unsafe

Was your home built before the 1990s? If so you should check what type of electrical panel you have. If you never updated, there is a chance you may have a Federal Pacific panel (FPE). These electrical panels haev found to be defective and have caused many electrical fires. They pose an unnecessary risk to your home and need to be upgraded ASAP. Our electricians have a lot of experience with panel upgrades, including FPE panels, and can provide you with a quality service and replacement for your panel.

Experienced Electricians in Pasadena and Nearby Cities

This picture shows a new circuit breaker after panel upgrade with new wires. A subpanel was also added for more power.

Electrical Upgrades

We are often asked this question: “When should I consider an electrical upgrade?”. Basically, you should consider and electrical upgrade if you encounter any of the following issues:

✔ Dimming and/or flickering lights
tripping breakers
✔ Blown fuses
✔ Unexplained power outages
✔ Switches and outlets that stop working
✔ Discolored outlets
✔ Outlets and/or circuit box feels warm to the touch
✔ Panel is older than 30 years

Replacement of fuse boxes to ensure your system meets your electrical needs

Are you aware that most insurance companies require panel upgrades for safety? Moreover, you may benefit from such upgrades if you need more amperage, or you may even benefit from a sub panel.

Big projects such as an replacing your breakers and wiring require trust between you and your electrician of choice. We are thrilled that you would consider our local Pro Electrician Pasadena for such a project. Rest assure, you can trust our team to accurately assess, diagnose, and do what needs to be done.

Below are some examples of popular electrical upgrades:

  • Smart home features, alarms, and sensors
  • Install modern dimmers, light fixtures, and light switches
  • Ethernet wiring electrician service
  • Upgrade breaker box panel
  • Install new outlets and GFCIs
  • Install 240V outlet
  • Install outlet for electric car

Electrical Installation

Our Pasadena electrician can install an array of equipment you may be looking at to improve your electrical system. First, indoor light fixtures such as track and recessed lighting which are extremely popular in California homes currently. We have identified that the home value increases by installing them in the right places, especially in the kitchen. Second, outdoor lighting such as landscape or pool lighting is also a popular service. Other popular installations are outlets, subpanels, smart home automations, and EV charger installation in Pasadena.

This picture shows a beautiful kitchen with several track lights and recessed lights installed by Pasadena electricians
This picture shows new wire exposed in the wall. This was a home remodel job with rewiring and new wire in Pasadena

Electrical Wiring for Remodels

Whether you are looking into remodeling, add a room, or brand-new construction, know that it is the perfect opportunity for any electrical remodel, install, and upgrade. Most people only go through renovations once (unless they are investors and house flippers). Hence, ignoring your electrical system at that time is unwise. For that, you will want to find a trusted remodeling electrician such as our team in who you can trust and work together in such a long project.

Remodeling Electrician in Pasadena and surrounding cities

Many homeowners are looking into upgrading and remodeling their homes. An electrician is an important piece of such a project. It is an opportunity to upgrade and design your electrical system based on the way you use your devices. Knowing that will make the system more cost-effective and convenient. Our remodeling electricians in Pasadena are experienced in design, new additions, and complete house rewiring. We maintain control throughout the design and construction process to ensure that your home and business are wired following the National Electrical Code (NEC) and California standards for your safety and success on passing a home inspection.

Electrical Repairs

Are you experiencing any of the following common electrical problems? They usually indicate a need for an electrical repair ASAP.

✔ Electrical shocks
✔ Drops in power
✔ Electrical surges
✔ Circuit breaker is tripping
✔ In the same room, some lights seem brighter than others while they have the same wattage
✔ Dimmers are not working properly
✔ Electrical bill is going up for no apparent reason
✔ Light bulbs are burning out

All of the above are common electrical issues in the community and require help from a qualified electrician in Pasadena. You probably can guess that some of them could affect your safety and the safety of your home/business more the others. However, the bottom line is that if you don’t do anything about it, any of these problems can turn into bigger issues. If any of them are happening to you please call our crew as soon as possible to prevent further damage, danger, and costs.

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Thank you so much to the local community for their trust turning us into one of the most reputable electrical contractors in Pasadena CA. We are excited to help you with your electrical issue or new project. There is no such thing as too small or too big of a project. Call us for a quicker service or if you prefer, fill out the Quote Form with as much detail as you can. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Although Pasadena is our main location, our team is growing! We are now extending to nearby cities and are proud to do so with continued affordable rates and quality service. You may also want to check our online presence by clicking here to see more on the web.