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If you have or are planning on having an electric car, you should consider having your own EV home charger station. As EVs become more and more popular, our electricians have done countless home EV charger installation in Pasadena and nearby cities. We cover Pasadena, Altadena, Alhambra, and nearby cities. We are quick and reliable.

EV Chargers

In 2020, the California state approved an executive order to stop sales or gas cars after 2035. As such, the number of electric cars is expected to increase exponentially as we get closer to that time. While the main purpose it to the natural environment, the advantages or EVs are numerous. For example, they are so convenient. Especially when you have your own charging station at home and really have not to worry about filling up gas anymore.

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Best Home EV Charger

he choice for the best home EV charger station varies upon the type of battery of the car, how many miles the car drives per day, and how long do you have available to charge it. In a nutshell, if you drive a lot and don’t spend too much time at home, you want to make sure you have a more powerful output able to charge your car overnight within 6-10 hours for example. That is called a Level 2 EV charger. This is clearly the best type for most EV owners. The cost of the materials and installation is actually pretty small when you compare it with how much time it will free you every day for years to come.

Best Home EV Charger Brand

You may have heard of most of these brands: Bosh, Instavolt, Tesla, ChargePoint, EVBox, Siemens, etc. Tesla is probably the most well-known for everyone. Some are faster than others. Even though they are Level 2 chargers, their price and the cost of installation will vary.

Level 1 EV Charger

The Level 1 charger is the standard option for everyone (110 volt). Basically, you just connect the plug that comes with your car to your GFCI outlet in your garage. In this case you ay need our help to ensure that your current electrical panel is able to supply the demand from the EV charging. Some people upgrade the main panel, and/or add a subpanel to the garage. Other need to add a new outlet all together and/or make sure it is GFCI.

Level 2 EV Charger

The Level 2 EV charger is more powerful, and therefore faster to charge (240 volt). When choosing this type, we will install an EVSE unit to your wall and install the electrical wiring capable of handling higher voltage power. It is also common to do a whole house surge protection in this cases. In this case, look for an experienced electrician such as our crew.

Installing 240v Outlet for Electric Car

You will need a more powerful outlet (240 volts) with a dedicated circuit. The power will be converted and stored in the car’s battery sometimes as fast as 3-12hours, depending on the battery and the charger itself.

Level 3 EV Charger

The Level 3 EV Charger is commercial. It generally provides 80 percent charge to the battery in only 20-30 minutes. It does so by converting high voltage AC power to DC power effectively.


EV Charger Installation Cost in Pasadena

Not all EV chargers cost the same. An EV charger station installation in Pasadena can vary quite a bit depending on the charger itself (brand, Amps, other features…), need for electrical power updates, new wiring, and outlets, and the cost of labor. When you hire TOP Electrician Pasadena you can be sure that we are very experienced and able to give you honest recommendations and quick installations. Call us today and we will be happy to check out your place for a free estimate in what you need.

Electric Rate for your Level 2 EV Charger

Many people don’t know, but when you install a level 2 EV Charger, you need to choose your electric rate. We will guide you to look at PG&E Pacific Gas and Electric Company to select the electric rate that is best for you.

This picture shows an EV Charger installation Pasadena CA

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EV charger installations are fairly straightforward. Nonetheless, they should be done by experienced electricians who will keep your home and car safe, maximize the power and speed of charge, do a quick job to minimize costs of labor, and educate you on your options. Contact our EV charger installers in Pasadena and geta FRE quote today.