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Do you want to make your yard look even better? Have you considered outdoor lighting installation in your Pasadena backyard? If you are looking to brighten the exterior of your home in Pasadena, it’s very important to use an electrician that understands the difference between indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.

Interior and exterior lighting are different from each other. Since it is outside and exposed to the elements, there are different factors to consider for everything electrical. 

  • Why do you want landscape lighting?
  • Do you want to light up your whole yard or just certain spots?
  • Are you trying to feature the an area?
  • Are you using the light to socialize in?

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Landscape Lighting Ideas

Light Fixtures

Most people prefer their light fixtures to not be seen in the day and blend in with the environment. Sometimes it is also trendy to make the light fixture the main focus. No matter the purpose of your exterior light fixtures, they must be picked from materials that can withstand large temperature ranges and rain.

Excess heat can damage and even burn your plants especially in the dry climate of Southern California. LED lighting is the best because it are created to be the best at absorbing heat. We use the boldest accent lights if you want to showcase your trees, water feature, or wall. Accent lights do a great job of contrasting the plant and shadows to create a wow factor for your guests.


Not just any wire can be used for exterior lighting. Exterior wires are made to withstand the harsher environment outside and must be used outdoors. Protecting your wires from pests will also be important for the longevity of your set up. If possible, we may plan to have the wires go underground.

Patio Lighting

If you want to light up your patio area, we will make sure that it is set up to enjoy throughout the night. In a patio area, you normally are lighting the space to see and enjoy, similar to a room in your home. The layout just needs to withstand being outside. We can make the area bright enough to enjoy board games at night or to be able to see if using a BBQ. Lights should also be made to dim if fewer lights are wanted.
Whether it’s a ceiling fan, strong accent lighting, or even motion sensor lights, we can help install all your lighting options at Pro Electrician Pasadena!


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