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With decades of experience as an electrician in Pasadena, we are trusted and respected by homeowners and business owners for all electrical needs. Our services include residential and commercial electrical repairs, lighting, electrical upgrades, wiring, EV chargers, and rewiring.

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Electricity is a must-needed part of our daily lives. It is no doubt that there are countless decisions that people make a day that rely on electricity. It is a good idea to check your home for any electrical problems and have a good electrician check it out before further damage occurs, or worse, electrical fires.

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As experienced electrical contractors in Pasadena, we have seen many mistakes and poor electrical work conducted in previous jobs, most likely done by unexperienced electricians, or handyman. We encourage you to shop around for the best quality price, however be aware that really cheap electrical work can turn into danger situations and nightmares when you later have your house inspected. For example, when it comes to selling a property, homeowners will need to keep their properties compliant with the National Electrical Code.

In case you are looking to sell your condo or house, you should be aware that part of the buyer’s inspection will be on electrical. If you are not code compliant and/or if there are safety issues you will be required to fix it or you will jeopardize the sale significantly. Adding that expense will remind you how much money you wasted by hiring someone not qualified and honest in the first place.

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Family Owned and Operated in Pasadena CA

Pasadena is a suburb of Los Angeles County in Southern California. It is a city with about 141,258 as of 2019. It is well known for its charming central district, which is home to a number of historical houses and museums. Pasadena is also home to the Rose Bowl, which is one of the oldest and most famous stadiums in the county.

The city of Pasadena in California offers a wide selection of neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for a cozy cul-de-sac where neighbors know each other by name and enjoy their time together, or a large apartment complex with sports courts and a fitness center, Pasadena has the perfect neighborhood for you. We offer family-friendly neighborhoods, quiet parks for relaxation, and plenty of off-road trails for those who prefer hiking. You can find the perfect Pasadena neighborhood with a few simple clicks.

Our Services

This picture shows electrical repair in Pasadena

Electrical Repairs

Troubleshooting and fixing electrical problems.

This image shows ceiling fan installation in Pasadena

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan installation to cool down the hot California summer.

This picture shows a light installation in Pasadena

Lighting Installation

New lighting installations: pendants, chandeliers, track lighting, resseced lighting.

This image show outdoor lighting installation in Pasadena

Outdoor Lighting

Improve your landscape with outdoor lighting.

This picture shows wiring in Pasadena

Electrical Wiring

New wiring and rewiring of homes and businesses.

This picture shows a home surge protection in Pasadena

Surge Protection

Electrical surge protection for your home or business.

This image shows a panel upgrade in Pasadena

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Main breaker and electrical panel upgrade for more power. 

This picture shows subpanel installation

Sub Panel Installation

Subpanel installation to bring power to a garage or ADU.

This picture shows a commercial electrician in Pasadena

Commercial Electrician

Commercial electric repairs, maintenance, installations, and wiring for your business.

This picture shows a battery which represents an EV charger installation in Pasadena homes

EV Chargers

Level 2 EV charger installation for your home. 

This picture shows wiring for pools

Sauna, Jacuzzi, Hot Tub Wiring

Wiring for hot tubs, SPAs, jacuzzi, sauna. 

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About Pasadena CA

  • Bungalow Heaven  is exactly what the name suggests. A big collection of bungalow-style homes, usually spacious, with a lot of personality to them. As you can imagine artists like lo live here. We often get contacted for electrical upgrades and crazy lighting projects to inspire their creativity.
  • North Central includes Muir Heights, Garfield Heights, and Orange Heights. It is one of the areas with the most population, about 34,782. It is a mix of homes, condos, and commercial business, as it borders N Lake Ave.
  • Washington Square is a very dense neighborhoods in Pasadena. It is an historic area and most homes were built between 1910 and 1940. You will see here homes with a character. Lots of opportunities for fixer uppers. Therefore, upgrading the electrical system and wiring is one of the biggest services we get requests for.
  • Brigden Ranch, is located on north central Pasadena. This area is mostly residential and home to the Pasadena High School. It boarders Altadena.
  • Casa Grande means “big house” in Spanish and you likewise can seem some big houses in this area. Some areas have beautiful landscaped front yards too. There are really no parks or many commercial areas, therefore our services are mostly residencia troubleshooting, outlets, lighting, panel upgrade, and subpanels to name a few.
  • Daisy-Villa is located on the eastside of Pasadena. This is a very family-friendly neighborhood. Neighbors are likely to know each other, and you are likely to see kids playing in the streets and front yards. Houses are very easy to fall in love with for their function and space. You will see sidewalks for riding bikes which are a plus for safe environment. It’s also close to shops, freeways, schools, and the Victory Park Farmers Market which is a no brainer place to go on Saturdays.
  • Chapman, also called Chapman Woods is a very commercial area serving the surrounding residencia communities of Daisy Villa, Casa Grande, Hastings Ranch, and East Pasadena. You can find most main supermarkets such as Ralphs, Target, and Trader Joe’s, home improvement stores, car dealerships, even Kaiser.
  • Hastings Ranch is known mostly for neighborhood outdoor Christmas displays. People go above and beyond when it comes to decorate their home and yard for Christmas. If you live here you are likely to feel the pressure to do it as well. As you can imagine, circuit breakers, panel upgrades, and subpanel installations are common services around here.
  • Lamanda Park boarders East Pasadena and Chapman Woods. Just south of Foothill Freeway. Is more of commercial and industrial area. You are more likely to either work here or come here for some business, rather than to live here. That being said, it looks noticeably different from the rest of Pasadena city. For example, factories, large warehouses, lumber yards, and big garages are common. Most of our calls from this area are for commercial electrician services.
  • Mid Central Pasadena is as center as can be when you look at the map. Tthe Foothill Freeway splits it in the middle with residences north of it, and commercial south of it.
  • Old Pasadena also known as Old Town is the heart of Pasadena day and night life. This neighborhood is walkable and home to the most exciting shops and restaurants. If you just moved here you will want to explore it very often. 90% of the buildings in Old Town have historical significance which is visible by their old brick facades. Very cool and hip to live in which attracts a lot of young people early in their careers.
  • Oak Knoll is the most south neighborhood in Pasadena, just south of Madison Heights. It is considered an upscale neighborhood with a lot of oak trees as the name indicates. Houses are spacious are really nice for the most part. Front yards, back yards, lots of space to play with the kids and the dogs. Most of our services in this area have to do with light installation, upgrades, hot tubs, new wiring and rewiring, and EV chargers.
  • South Arroyo is an affluent neighborhood in Pasadena, CA where home prices ten to be higher than the L.A. county for example. This neighborhood comprises a little bit of everything: from downtown – where we are located along with other commercial businesses – to condos, single family homes, luxury homes, and even mansions as you get closer to the ravine of the Arroyo Seco. We have seen mansions worth over 10 million dollars here!

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