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Over the years, we have completed a broad collection of projects for commercial companies. We became the go-to commercial electrician in Pasadena for many business owners. As electrical contractors, we are able to provide fast and effective electrical services, including permitting, and design for remodels or new construction.

In today’s world, not having electricity can significantly decrease the revenue of any business. We understand that time is valuable. We value your time and go the extra mile to coordinate our services with yours, the best we can. The goal will always be to cause a minimal interruption of your working hours.

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When looking for quotes for electrical services, be sure to ask your electrician any questions about the problem and the work itself. Unfortunately, we have found situations where the previous tradesman has bypassed some important work to keep the costs low and get the job. That usually results in issues down the road. Be sure to hire an electrical contractor who can explain to you what the problem is and what they recommend.

We don’t cut corners and are honest on our recommendations and estimates. We treat you like we would to a friend or family member! Try us out today, call for a FREE Quote.

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

It is common for businesses to need electrical maintenance here and there. We will troubleshoot and diagnose the cause of the problem to make sure everything is okay. From fixing outlets, lights flickering, to electrical panel repairs, subpanels, and more. Call us for more information and find out more about electrical repairs and maintenance in Pasadena on our dedicated page.

Light Fixture Installation

Different lights will create a unique ambiance. We can create a lighting design that suits your company and style and provides you with a unique ambiance. For example, an upscale restaurant vs. a fast-food restaurant; a magazine store vs. an expensive clothing store. You get the feeling. Recessed lights are trendy and can create a very modern and stylish ambiance. Pendants and chandeliers are definitely more upscale. We have done many projects from simple and straightforward wiring and installation of flush mount lighting, to recessed, track, pendant, and outdoor lighting. You may also want to consider switching to LED lights for electricity savings. Ask us more about light fixture installation in Pasadena.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing ceiling fans on a home or business while running the air conditioning is a way to keep the air conditioning from working so hard. Most business owners have realized that, especially on busy places such as restaurants and supermarkets. You also have the advantage of a constant light breeze which is always welcoming to your customers. For more information, visit our page for ceiling fan installation in Pasadena CA.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

We often get requests for electrical panel and subpanel upgrades for both homes and businesses. Most people look into upgrading a commercial electrical panel when it is either damaged or unable to provide enough amperage for the number of devices it powers. Generally, commercial businesses use a lot more power than houses. As a consequence, there are distinctive situations likely to affect companies more than homeowners. Most business owners who contact us for subpanels or electrical panel upgrades in Pasadena are looking into:

  • Remodel the business including the electrical
  • Business additions
  • Set a dedicated circuit for a specific part of the business or devices.
  • Making sure all the electronic equipment operates at full power
  • Adding new electrical equipment which requires more power from the main panel.
  • Meet insurance standards.
  • Discontinue the use of extension cords at work
  • Upgrade electrical system from a fuse block system without a main breaker (very unsafe, should be upgraded ASAP)

Circuits and Wiring

As electrical contractors, we have done countless complete home and business rewiring and wiring for new construction. Residential and commercial circuits are most often different, including the amount of power that is in place. Should you be looking into rewiring, choose an electrical contractor who will set it up correctly and safely, rather than copy what was done before.

We can design new circuits to make your electrical system more effective. Or new circuits for totally new construction – a warehouse, a car wash dealer, a restaurant. You name it. Our electrical contractor is able to help with the permits and will coordinate everything for you. For more info about electrical house wiring in Pasadena, check out our dedicated page.

Surge Protection

Surge protection is more important to some than to others. Businesses that benefit the most are those that have a lot of valuable electrical equipment or data. Valuable enough that would cost a lot to the company if it is damaged or lost. Full electrical surge protection will protect your entire electrical system from electrical surges. As you may know, electrical surges may harm the circuit boards in your electrical devices and appliances, causing them to break. You can read more about this service on the surge protection in Pasadena.

 Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub Wiring

Especially for gyms and SPAs. We can rewire from scratch or repair any issues you may have. Call us to check out your plans and request a FREE estimate.

For solar panels we partner with Newcastle solar panels.

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