In general, the regulations and requirements for individuals performing electrical work vary based on the complexity and scope of the tasks. Normally, a licensed electrician is required to perform most electrical work, especially when it involves connecting to your home’s electrical system directly. For example: wiring, circuit installations, or major electrical system modifications.

Most Common Issues We Come Across Due to Unlicensed and Unskilled Electrical Work:

As experienced electricians, we have been around and been called for nearly anything possible as far as electrical issues. Both commercial and residential issues. Some issues are regular wear and tear of electrical materials or needed upgrades secondary to lifestyle and desired use of electrical devices. Others are issues that could have been totally avoided if the client had hired a licensed electrician to do the work that needed to be done in the first place. Below are examples of the most common issues we see when electrical work is completed by unlicensed and unskilled electrical workers.

Incorrect Wire Length

Using the wrong wire stripping can result in short circuits.

Improper Wire Size

Using the incorrect wire can cause issues such as overheating.

Improper Connections

Sometimes we find the connections are left too loose which can cause arcing and overheating. This is serious and could lead to an electrical fire or personal injuries.

Wires Left Unsecured

Unsecured wires can break. The same goes if they are left with staples too tight around them.

Insurance Issues to File a Claim after an Electrical Fire

If a handyman performs your electrical work, and it results in an electrical fire, you might come across issues with filing a claim with your insurance. The insurance is likely to deny coverage if they find out that you hired someone who is not legally allowed to perform electrical work in your state. In such cases, you could be held responsible for all the replacement and repair costs.

Issues With Selling a House

Real estate agents in Pasadena hire us all the time because they know that if they hire a handyman to do electrical work, they will put their clients at risk if having issues selling their house, or passing home inspections for tenants. When you sell your house you will need to disclose any major repair and problems with it, and let’s say you had a major electrical upgrade or re-wiring done, the buyer might pull back knowing that it was done by an unlicensed electrician.

Can a Handyman do Electrical Work in California?

Handyman or unlicensed individuals may be allowed to perform basic electrical tasks, such as replacing light fixtures, switches, or outlets, as long as they are following the state’s guidelines and limitations for unlicensed electrical work. However, the risks of having unlicensed workers deal with electrical systems can far outweigh the cost.